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Putting Together Part 5 - Rebel Sketchy

You know that you’ve sort of made it in running a record label when you put out a track by an artist who’s vinyl you had bought and played to death in the past! ┬áRebel Sketchy was originally signed to the now dormant Payback Project, a label run by Superstyledeluxe. After taking some time out to reinvent his sound he sent over The Ride to Ground Level, after a few messages had gone back and forth on Soundcloud, and the final part of Disruptive Beats came into motion.

Domino’s Dirty Mind was chosen as the back catalogue remix. The track originally came out as part of Domino’s Jukebox Hustler EP back in 2009. Rebel Sketchy turned it into a bass-led Tech-Funk monster which brought it bang up to date.

For the remix on this I chose B-Phreak, a super talent from Germany whose been grafting away for years and was once signed to the also now dormant Splank! label. Combining two artists who had been involved in the breaks scene for a number of years but where putting forward fresh ideas seemed to fit in well with the ethos of the Disruptive Beats series. B-Phreak brought his A game, Life Support Machine described it best

Definitely one of those peak time tracks you turn to the person next to you and just let the expression say it all.

Disruptive Beats part 5 was released on 13th June 2011.

Putting Together Part 4 - Beatsmack

I first came across Beatsmack through a couple of tunes they had put out on Miles Dyson’s Plasmapool label, a track called Creep particularly caught my attention. So got in touch with them asking if they’d be interested in doing a remix for a forthcoming release by Stylus Rex. Not only were they interested in doing the remix, but they also had a track that they thought was suited to Ground Level, Ruff Em Up, almost complete.

For their back catalogue remix I sent them over the parts for Disko by the Shopliftas. The Shopliftas, also originally from Australia, released Disko back in 2009 on the label with a plethora of remixes from wOnk and Si Biddle amongst others, but there had never been a breaks remix on this package. Beatsmack let their darker side shine through and returned a nasty piece of late night discotech fodder!

I chose to remix Ruff Em Up myself, having just completed a remix of Nynfus Corporation for Bombastic Jam and in a particularly creative mood. Also I wanted to make sure the remix was significantly different from the original which had such a huge riff, as the EPs where going to eventually become an album I didn’t want to have two samey tracks on there. I stripped back the track to a wall of drums adding a hypnotic lead riff to boot, and some serious 808!

Disruptive Beats Part 4 was released on 23rd May 2011.

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